Interview with Tab Butler – Director,  Media Management & Post Production MLB Network

Tab Butler,, dave ginsberg, consulting, cloud migration, digital asset management, workflow design, technology updates, Open Stack, user centric solutions, interviews, industry leaders, best practices, editing, DAM, MAM, SAN, NAS, SAAS, PAAS, technology solutionsTab Butler joined the MLB Network in June of 2008 as part of the Engineering and IT Department, chartered with the facility build-out and the January 1, 2009 MLB Network launch.  Currently, Tab manages the Media Management team and Post Production engineering and operations for the MLB Network.

Tab presents his unique approach to problem solving and convergence within the broadcast media space, with over 24 years of experience in Network TV Broadcast Operations, and 11 years of Sales and Marketing Management with IT and Broadcast manufactures. He specialized in sales to Broadcast Networks, Station Groups, Government, and Global 2000 clients. Tab spent 18 years at the NBC Network.  He worked for NBC News, NBC Sports, and NBC Operations and Technical Services, and received two Emmy Awards while at NBC, and four Emmy Awards while at MLB Network.  In June of 2012, the DIAMOND System, which is an in-house developed enterprise wide media assent management system, led by Tab, was nominated for a Sports Technology Emmy.

While in manufacturing, Tab has worked in various capacities for Tektronix (Grass Valley), EMC, VideoBank, SeaChange International, and IBRIX.

In the interview we discuss MLB’s challenge with change management in their facility expansion and the revolutionary Diamond asset management system.

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Interview with Tab Butler – Dir Media Management & Post Production at MLB Network

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