Interview with Ry Bruscoe – Founder and President of RevUp Render

Ry Bruscoe,, dave ginsberg, consulting, cloud migration, digital asset management, workflow design, technology updates, Open Stack, user centric solutions, interviews, industry leaders, best practices, editing, DAM, MAM, SAN, NAS, SAAS, PAAS, technology solutionsThroughout the years, Ry Bruscoe had a special interest for rendering graphics and animations. However, he was not content with the current technology available to architects and began finding ways to improve it. As a designer and architectural illustration artist, he stumbled upon a series of breakthroughs to accelerate Building Information Modeling (BIM). This eventually led to the founding of RevUp Render, Inc. He quickly found himself working not just with architectural firms, but also with movie studios and video game designers as they take advantage of similar design software as architects.

The goal of RevUp Render is to remove the disconnect between the creative mind and what actually ends up as the design. Currently there is no technology in existence that allows a designer to digitally create the exact design imagined in the mind. RevUp Render is striving to bridge this gap.

Ry also founded the International Design Studio (IDS), which was set up so that designers from around the world can team up to work together. The IDS uses innovative collaborative tools to create a virtual working space that spans the globe. Creative designs happen when people from different countries with different ideas and design experience come together.

In our interview with Ry, we discuss why it was so difficult to convince companies of the advantages of distributed cloud based rendering, how he was able to port architectural design concepts to media and entertainment  and the power of controlling your cloud render processing by providing dedicated virtual servers rather than sharing resources.

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Interview with Ry Bruscoe – Founder and President of RevUp Render

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