Interview with Josh Rizzo – Chief Technology Officer at Hula Post Productions

Josh Rizzo,, dave ginsberg, consulting, cloud migration, digital asset management, workflow design, technology updates, Open Stack, user centric solutions, interviews, industry leaders, best practices, editing, DAM, MAM, SAN, NAS, SAAS, PAAS, technology solutionsAs an entertainment technologist Josh Rizzo works with companies across the film, television, broadcast and advertising industries in the strategic implementation of new technologies. He focuses on developing workflow solutions for production, editorial, post production and archival for projects both large and small.

Rizzo’s background includes Vice President of Technology for Slate Media Group, Director of Technology with Wexler Video and a number of creative consultancies. He has hands-on experience with cinematography, editorial and visual effects, as well as product design, software development and systems engineering.

We begin our discussion looking at the rental industry, he many ways the democratization of content is changing the industry and future proofing content and digital lifecycle management.

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Interview with Josh Rizzo – Chief Technology Officer at Hula Post Production

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Josh Rizzo Interview Transcript