Interview with Tony Lockard – Technology Visionary

 Tony Lockard has 20+ years of experience in the implementation and operation of technology in the Media and Entertainment space. The bulk of his career has been spent leading emerging or transformative technology groups or companies with a focus on disruptive innovation. Tony enjoys the challenge of helping companies create or transform their technology platforms and organizations and has an extensive background in successfully leading these types of initiatives.

Tony grew up in San Antonio, Texas and graduated from Trinity University with a degree in Computer Science. After graduation he worked in the petrochemical industry and was an early pioneer in the art and science of large file-based data and media management solutions for 3D CAD and 3D Seismic workflows — big data before there was “Big Data”.

Tony began his career in Media and Entertainment at Liberty Sport s in Dallas (later Fox Sports Net in Los Angeles) where he began applying his knowledge in technology and file-based workflows to the management and movement of media content. In subsequent years Tony has held technology leadership roles at Sony Pictures, Ascent Media, Technicolor, Xytech Systems, and most recently as Head of Technology (CTO) for the global media brand TMZ. In addition to his roles at large established companies; Tony has been CTO of several small startups focused on cutting edge technologies in the media and content space. Most notably Clickstar, a joint-venture between Morgan Freeman and Intel, which produced original series and movie content with major entertainment personalities bundled along with catalog studio content all delivered over the Web and via IP on set-top boxes. Clickstar was years ahead of its time and foreshadowed the current rise of Netflix and OTT revolution.

Tony is a very hands-on technologist and is able to deep dive into architecture and design and plays an active day-to-day role in mentoring his teams in best practices and patterns. He also has a very deep understanding of Agile software techniques and DevOps culture and practices. Tony is currently focused on the coming wave of transition brought on by the rise of cloud, containerization, and real-time analytics which he believes will be a sea change to the way systems and technology organizations are built, organized, and operated — not only in the consumer space but in the enterprise B2E and B2B space as well.

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Interview with Tony Lockard – Technology Visionary

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