Hollywood Post Alliance

Today I’d like to share with you one of the true gems of conferences in the entertainment technology world. It is the yearly Hollywood Post Alliance Retreat that is held every February in Palm Springs.  This event brings some of the best tech luminaries from around the world into one place to talk about better ways of producing content.

It started off again this year with day long look at workflows with a super session entitled – “Snowflakes with an Increasing Chance of Clouds”. This was a fascinating overview of the state of the art in the industry including such varied topics as 4K workflows (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), a panel on better use and interchange of production/post metadata (panel called “Connecting the Dots”) and a look at TV post workflows (now estimated to be over 90% file based since the Tsunami in Japan).  The naming of the session was very appropriate since as Leon Silverman of Disney said during his introduction  – “We all do these crazy one off workflows that can just turn into slush”

I’m excited that many of the speakers at the conference have agreed to be interviewed on the site and we will have those interviews up shortly.

One of the biggest lessons many attendees took away from the day was from Michael Cioni of Light Iron who challenged all of those in attendance to “be comfortable being uncomfortable”.  He feels that for various reasons we are all afraid to take on using or developing disruptive innovations.   It could be because we are afraid of our losing our jobs or influence in the industry or in the case of vendors it could be that there is no demand for change.

But if we look at things in the way Apple founder Steve Jobs did we find that innovation can create new markets and opportunities and make us even more valuable.  Look at the iPhone, iTunes or the App Store. These were all revolutionary changes in the status quo that created new markets and areas of profit for Apple and many of their partners.  Although the majority of App developers out there do not make a profit, for the ones that created paradigm changing products and learned the new economics of this world new companies have been started literally out of someone’s apartment.

How can we do this with workflows in production and post-production?