About Us
Elegant Workflow Consulting works with companies from startups to major corporations to provide solutions in the areas of workflow, IT security/process optimization and business model/product development advice. Due to our extensive experience in the entertainment technology space, we are leaders in Cloud migration, Digital Asset Management (DAM), digital supply chain design/asset delivery, editorial solutions/facility construction and workflows for Marketing department post production applications. Click here to read about Dave Ginsberg, Principal.

Our consulting services focus on our clients’ technology issues and opportunities: workflow, operational efficiencies, project management, business intelligence, IT security, web/mobile applications and digital asset supply chain management across all industries and geographies. We bring functional expertise, but are known for our user centric perspective: we design solutions that are easy to use so they can be adopted easily within the organization. We create complicated backend solutions that scale as an organization grows with easy front-end operations for users.

Our cutting edge solutions range from building 40,000 square foot production/office facilities, designing worldwide digital supply chain solutions for a major corporation, optimizing IT networking and security solutions, solving business intelligence and customer contact needs and providing new business opportunities and models.

We start by analyzing the objectives of the project and the needs of each of the stakeholders.  We then look at current infrastructure, workflows and intended users for the application and propose the best plan for completing the project to address all of the key requirements.

We provide the best solutions based on the latest technologies that will be able to grow and scale over time so the project will have a long life to payback the client’s investment.  We always design for tomorrow using cutting edge solutions that will give future functionality for the client so their based is not tied to a platform or workflow that might become obsolete in the near future.  We find the best, most cost effective strategies to yield the strongest outcomes for our clients and their customers.

Using agile methods and construction workflows, we deliver quick wins to our clients by enabling them to bring systems online quickly.  But we also make sure that each system will work seamlessly within the context of the final project goal.

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Let us discuss how our team can help your business.  Please email us and we will contact you within one business day.