Interview with Christy King VP Digital, Technology Research & Development Ultimate Fighting Championship

Christy King,, dave ginsberg, consulting, cloud migration, digital asset management, workflow design, technology updates, Open Stack, user centric solutions, interviews, industry leaders, best practices, editing, DAM, MAM, SAN, NAS, SAAS, PAAS, technology solutionsThis week we sit down with Christy King who serves as the in-house technology consultant for all departments within UFC® (Ultimate Fighting Championship®), a division of Zuffa, LLC.

The UFC and mixed-martial arts have experienced massive growth in a very short amount of time, culminating in the recent partnership with FOX network, a major worldwide sports television brand.  Christy actively researches, tests and implements new and emerging methods to share content information among media partners in traditional television, gaming consoles, mobile technologies, OTT boxes, internet platforms and other emerging technologies for content distribution, worldwide.

UFC recruited Christy in 2006 from a CBS affiliate in the Deep South. She has a background in video production, including writing, producing, and editing on AVID platforms.  Christy developed early expertise in “the web” in 1994 when she built a commercial website, one of only 500 commercial websites then existing.  Even during the early days of the web, she understood and envisioned incredible opportunities emerging for niche content film and video producers who would be able to easily and cheaply distribute content.

Christy is currently creating a Digital Asset Management system for UFC, using cutting edge technologies to receive, catalog, and store media; address metadata issues, closed-captioning, SAP information, scripts/transcripts, export formatting, QC processes, approval policy workflows, and other asset management issues.

In our interview, we hear Christy’s views on how the UFC approaches their brand from more of a marketing perspective rather than just purely trying to monetize their content.  She discusses the never ending battle of creating content for every imaginable platform so she can help expand the UFC brand around the world.

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Interview with Christy King – VP Digital, Technology Research & Development Ultimate Fighting Championship

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