Interview with Chris Parker – CTO of Sim and Bling Digital

Chris Parker,, dave ginsberg, consulting, cloud migration, digital asset management, workflow design, technology updates, Open Stack, user centric solutions, interviews, industry leaders, best practices, editing, DAM, MAM, SAN, NAS, SAAS, PAAS, technology solutionsConsidered one of the world’s foremost experts in file-based workflow from camera acquisition to post, Chris is recognized as a leading innovator in the new world of digital production. As a founder of Bling Digital and now CTO of the merged entity of Bling and Sim Digital, Chris’s fingerprints are having far reaching impacts on TV series, features and commercials shot throughout the world.

Chris and his teams’ have a forward thinking mentality based on a single goal of finding new efficiencies for production and post when shooting digitally. This has led to new workflows that are being utilized across the world, with dozens of shows shooting all over the world utilizing workflows and equipment tailor made for their needs by Chris and his teams.

In this week’s segment, we talk about the changes in post as the industry as evolved, how to balance the needs of all of the departments on a show when designing a workflow/change management and why shows might want to build their own post facilities right in their own offices and best practices for doing that.

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Interview with Chris Parker – CTO of Sim and Bling Digital

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 Chris Parker Interview Transcript